Research Engineer (with C/ C++/ C # knowledge) - Project (NJ1)

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    Singapore Institute of Technology
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Key Responsibilities

  1. Participate in and manage the research project with Principal Investigator (PI), Co-PI and the research team members to ensure all project deliverables are met
  2. Undertake these responsibilities in the project:
    1. Work with PIs to comprehensively explore and evaluate techniques used in the project while ensuring a well-integrated yet modular solution.
    2. Contribute towards development of the project objectives in accordance with the implementation plan.
    3. Assist PIs with documentation of software codes as well as project deliverables with focus on scalability, reusability and extensibility.
    4. Collaborate with SIT students working on the project to ensure efficient and successful completion of respective individual modules keeping the overall project in view.
  3. Carry out Risk Assessment, and ensure compliance with Work, Safety and Health Regulations

Job Requirements

  1. Preferably a Master’s degree in Engineering disciplines like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Information Technology.
  2. Able to learn new technologies independently from online resources and apply them for the completion of various project tasks.
  3. Excellent programming skills in C/ C++/ C # and with the ability to develop software codes which are well commented and can be reused and extended easily.
  4. Familiarity with Unity Platform would be an advantage



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